We offer one year warranty on all minor dings and any defects + a discount on any larger dings throughout the year.

We have so much confidence in our Epoxy surfboards that we offer a warranty on our surfboards. This means you will receive FREE ding repairs for any minor dings that may happen and you will be given a large discount on a larger ding if you were to damage your beautiful new surf board. We all know that feeling when you've just damaged the love of your life and unfortunately that normally comes with a large bill. This is why we want to offer you our warranty to use over the 12 months in order to keep your surfboard in ship shape condition. We also offer a renewal at the end of the year! So if your surfboard is well looked after  and still in good condition, you get another year of free ding repairs! Just bring your surfboard back to our surf shop and we will get it repaired as quick as possible!


Buy one of our Surfboards UK Ltd surfboard from us and join our buy back guarantee and you will be offered up to 50% off your next surfboard. 

Our buy back guarantee means that you are able to switch between our different models for an affordable price. This allows you to advance and progress your surfing without being held back by your equipment and without hurting your pocket!

How this works.

For example if you're just starting out you may buy our E board at £500. After surfing on that you've increased your ability and got much better. You can then trade that surfboard in for 50% of your money back! So your next surfboard will only cost you £250 for a brand new surfboard! Having this guarantee means you can keep increasing your surfing ability at a rapid pace instead of being stuck on one surfboard.

If you decide you wanted to keep with the same surfboard we can extend the guarantee and still offer you a very fair price if it's over the 12 month period. We will always buy back our own surfboards. 

If you would like any more information pop in to our surf shop or drop us an email : Info@surfboardsukltd.com