Luke Stone

Age: 21

Role: Brand ambassador

What surfboards do you surf?

AERO- for small mushy days

SPARK- Any time it looks 'good'

Why these surfboards?

Simple answer- They look and feel insane.

More complex answer...

AERO- The Aero is great for those days when there's not a lot going on. whether it's 1ft clean or 2ft messy It generates speed incredibly easy and turns super dynamically. It's perfect for the mushy days that you have to really work for a single section. What I love about this board is that whatever the conditions are, I know I will always have a fun surf which means I can go in literally anything and have a good time.

SPARK- The Spark is my go to board anytime the waves have a little bit of power. I use this board in minimum 3ft or anything above and love it. The Spark has a lot more hold than the Aero which means you can hold and drive on rail for a lot longer and with more power. From the bottom of the wave drawing out a long bottom turn to the top of the wave either doing a sharp snap or long drawn out carve, this board pushes the limits in everything it does and I can feel it improving my surfing every day.

MATERIALS- One of the reasons I love these boards so much is because they still feel like brand new boards even though I've had them for ages. I am a very heavy footed surfer, meaning I used to go through normal boards a lot getting new boards almost every month. These are my only two boards I've had from Surfboards UK Ltd and I've been surfing their boards for almost a year. The use of carbon is something I wasn't completely sold on at the start with a lot of people saying to me  'They'll be too stiff' Now I know how much rubbish that is as these boards absolutely fly and aren't going anywhere soon.

Where do you normally surf?

I normally surf at Perranporth due to it being easy to get in before and after work. Or I go to Fistral, I'm quite mainstream where I surf I just get in a lot haha.



Age: 24

Role: Everything productive (what doesn't he do?)

What surfboards do you surf?

Every surfboard, as simple as that. I love surfing each and everyone of the models we have here at Surfboards UK Ltd and I choose one depending on how I feel and the conditions. This is easy as they are on demo in our surf shop and at Ticket To Ride in Perranporth  #plug 

Why these surfboards?

As I make them I have been heavily involved in testing and developing each model so I feel like I know them inside out and instinctively know what model would be best for each different day.

I also know the materials just as well, meaning I'm super confident in the product itself.

Where do you normally surf?

Wherever is good. Details I will not disclose.


Andrew Stone

Age: Rather not say

Role: Manager (Boss Man)

What surfboard do you surf?

HPM - If I want a casual surf

Preload - If I want to push my surfing a bit more.

Why do you choose these surfboards?

HPM - I know regardless of the conditions or how long I've been out of the sea I will be able to have a really fun surf. This is my board that I know will put a smile on my face.

Preload - I use this board once I've been surfing consistently for a bit so i'm a bit more fitter as I can start to put some more dynamic turns in whilst keeping the stability to keep me balanced. This board makes me feel young again!

Where do you normally surf?

Wherever the boys go I'm normally just a few paddle strokes behind.


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