About surfboards uk ltd

How our journey started

We are a family business that wants to progress surfing as a sport with skills we have.

Just like everyone that has got that surfing bug, once we went a few times we have never stopped since. For us brothers this happened at a very young age, this journey started when we were just learning to walk. Coming from very focused and determined parents in professional rolls we were not likely to let the difficulties of surfing ever defeat us. We instantly fell in love with the challenge and have never looked back since. Just like any other brother relationship we were competing for everything and anything, this definitely did not change for surfing, with constant competition on who was the better surfer and often arguing about who got wave of the day on the journey home. With 20 years of pushing each other further and further into the sport we knew this was not a competition that was going to end anytime soon. With our competitive heads we have always been trying to get an advantage over the other brother every surf session let alone every surf competition. From surfing without a leash for less traction, to buying a better quality wax than the other in hope that was going to help. As we’ve grown that soon turned into more expensive differences like new boards, new dimensions and new materials. We soon decided our competition against each other would be better for both of us if we worked together. This is where Surfboards UK Ltd was born. We both know the importance of what board you are riding underneath your feet and we soon came to realise we could make a difference in the surfing world by experimenting and testing like no other company. Using different materials then what is normally tried, we will continue to innovate to develop the sport.


The people that make it happen.


innovation and development comes from the family side. With dads whole career involving development within world super bikes leading to manufacturers world title and many world title podiums. He brings the concepts and ideas about working with new materials and new machinery which makes our boards that much more special. We work with straight facts and develop from there. We know we will make mistakes and some things won’t work but that is why we test every single model and slight bit of difference in a board that comes out the factory. We use different surfers to get different opinions from a whole range of ability in order for us to make the best equipment possible.

Going through the processes of making boards we have our CNC precision shaper to make our boards with millimetre precision being able to replicate our designs over and over again. We then have our laminator and sander who has shown his love for his job and surfing through his work of over 30 years in the business. Moving onto our artist who can free draw anything you want to a ridiculously high standard. 

Think you can add value to our business? Please email us. 

Picture of team rider Luke at surf snowdonia

Picture of team rider Luke at surf snowdonia

Meet our team

Andrew Stone

Andy is the perfectionist of our team.

With a past of being at the highest level in world super bikes leading to a constructors world title, he knows what is needed to be the best.

Being the manager of that team that won or the manager of his own team is why Andy knows how important it is to have the best quality materials and the importance of making the best out of your team.  

This is why he overlooks the whole team and quality which is going through the factory. Nothing but perfect will be okay which is why he drives our team to be  the best individuals they can be.

Through this he knows only the best development and innovation is through high motivation and love for the sport. 

Steve Hendon

Steve Hendon, owner of his own brand Oblong surfboards (https://www.oblongsurfboards.com/)

has spent 30 + years in the surfing world.

Steves work shows how much he truly loves the sport of surfing. Being able to do everything, from shaping to finishing the board. 

The reason why Steve is such an asset to Surfboards UK Ltd is due to his adaptability, not only within the sport but also the production process. You could chuck the craziest idea at him and he'll give it a go with all his mite. 

Stephen stone

Stephen is a young, focused individual who has an undeniable dedication and love to surfing, whether that's in the water or in the factory.

Stephen has qualifications in CAD and has always loved to make things, whether from wood carvings to now, surfboards. 

Being a very technical mind Stephen is great at working on our CNC machine. Having the machine dialed down and creating new products and new ideas everyday.

Luke Stone

Luke is the friendly face of our company.

With his approachable and kind nature Luke is the ideal person to welcome people into the factory and explain what we do here. 

Being a very keen surfer from a young age Luke is keen to test anything new we chuck at him and is always super excited to help with new projects and developments.