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Did you know the surfing industry creates 220,000 tons of CO2e per year? In English this is equivalent to taking 43,137 cars off the road. 

This is why sustainability is on of our main focuses in our factory. Becoming one of a few UK based companies to join the ECOBOARD project (http://www.sustainablesurf.org/ecoboard/manufacturers/is) is just one of our steps to do our bit to keep the industry sustainable.

What does this mean though?  This means that we are verified to produce a board with the same technical attributes as any modern surfboards, whilst having reduced environmental and toxic impacts.

How we do this.

Through the whole process of making surfboards we are as sustainable as possible and this starts with our EPS blanks being 100% recyclable. Our off cuts and even our foam dust goes back to the supplier to be re made into new blanks. This is all done within the UK to reduce travel emissions.

Moving into the laminating room  we use Bio entropy resin which is one of the most sustainable resins on the market. Which again is UK based to cut down on travel emissions. 

The most ECO way to make surfboards is to make a surfboard that will last in the market for a very long time, which is why we make our products to the best of our ability with high quality materials.  We offer a 1 year warranty to encourage our customers to get dings repaired, as quickly as possible to do as little long lasting damage. This means the board has a lot larger life cycle. 

Our factory

Going away from actual surfboards we still try and do as much as we can in our building itself e.g, heaters on timers, LED lights and recycling. You will also find a lot of our walls are insulated with old surfboard blanks and dust from PU surfboards. 



We offer one year warrantee on all minor dings and any defects + a discount on any larger dings throughout the year.

We have so much confidence in our products that we offer warrantee on our surfboards. This means you will receive free ding repairs for any minor dings that may happen and you will be given a large discount on a larger ding if you were to damage your beautiful new board. We all know that feeling when you've just damaged the love of your life and unfortunately that normally comes with a large bill. This is why we want to offer you our warrantee to use over the 12 months in order to keep your surfboard in ship shape condition.


Buy a surfboard from us and join our buy back guarantee and you will be offered up to 50% off your next surfboard. 

Our buy back guaranty means that you are able to switch different models and advance your surfboard as the same time as advancing your ability all for an affordable price over a 12 month period.

How this works.

For example if you're just starting out you may buy our E board. After surfing on that you've increased your ability and got much better. Instead of waiting until you can afford another brand new surfboard and you lose momentum we will trade the E board in for up to 50% off your next surfboard like the Preload or HPM within a 12 month period. This means you can keep increasing your surfing ability at a rapid pace instead of being stuck on one surfboard.

If you decide you wanted to keep with the same surfboard we can extend the guaranty and still offer you a very fair price if it's over the 12 month period.

New surfboard range

Coming soon...

Carbon fibre



We have spent an extensive amount of time testing and researching the use of carbon fibre in surfboards and have found it gives our boards extra strength, durability and better performance. 

We test all our surfboards UK products before launching them on our website or having them in store. They are tested by a large mix of abilities from professional surfers to beginners. This allows us to get the best product possible out on the market. Don't believe us? Why not try one out for yourself on hire.   

We feel there is a lot more about surfing products that can be changed for the better. Surfboards are always changing and we are finding the right mixes to help advance it.